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By far the most comfortable Tee's I've owned

I used to look far and wide for comfortable, well fitting Tee's, that lasted. Now that I've found Pearler I don't need to look any further. I am a solid build and often find the larger tee's from other suppliers after a wash end up sagging in all the wrong places and make me look even bigger. But the cut of the Pearler Tee's suit my upper body shape perfectly. Highly recommend. Customer service is above excellent too.

Look good, feel good, play good

I am always on the lookout for the best basic tees going around and what a Pearler these are!!

Whilst I am one of the few who liked the old sizing and extra length (hence my order at this time) I will continue to order from here for reasons including but not limited to.

* They are comfortable
* They fit VERY well
* "Your arms look bigger in that shirt" - Real quote
* "The cotton feels soft when you wash that shirt up" - another real quote
* They are the equal to shirts I have seen that retail for 3 times as much

Great tees, perfect fit. Unfortunately they still don’t make me look like Chris Hemsworth

Simply the best

I have a LOT of tee's but now only buy Pearled. Can't beat them for fit, quality and price.

Good for what it is

I think the cotton is not the best. After one wash I got those little fabric balls on the tshirt. I think if they used jersey fabric or tencel it would be much better. The fit is great though. I have a belly and this covers it up quite nicely lol

Gift for my husband

Purchased for my husband and he loves them. The fabric is really nice, soft on the skin and the fit looks great. He looks great!

Comfortable and great fit

great fit overall. a little bit long but that is what happens when your are short and round!!

Short Sleeve Crew Neck (aka a gift from the gods)

Quality shirt. Fitted through the chest and arms that reminds you of your early 20s. Yet slips away gradually (just like your youth) around the mid section, to cover up your ever growing dad bod. A post fast and furious Vin Diesel would love these shirts

Like a glove

I bought one then i had to come back to buy four. Great shirts - Great fit - Wash well.

Very impressed.

Good stuff

Fits great. Feels better. Will definitely be adding more to the rotation!!

Awesome fit.

Loose in the stomach and fitting in the chest and arms.


I would pay $50 for these tees

In Love!!

That's right, I'm in love with these tees! Not only are these t-shirts the most comfortable I've bought in a while, but they're also the right size.
But wait, there's more!! I wouldn't have been able to find the right size, if it wasn't for their 100 day fit guarantee, which they totally delivered on. The process was totally painless and I would definitely encourage anyone to try them, instead of going to the regular shops. Thanks to Tim and the Pearler Team for an awesome experience!

too long

tee shirt was way too long. If that can be resolved I would buy more

Very good

Very happy with the t-shirt. Exactly as advertised. Will order more.

Super soft

Love these tees so much! My hubby is super fussy and he commented how soft the fabric is! I’m just about to jump
Online and buy him a few more 🥰

Tee shirts

Great quality, and the size advice worked for a great fitting shirt. My Mrs especially likes that I’ve added another pair of awesome nearly black tees to my already extensive (but totally different tees and not as comfy) collection!!

Short Sleeve Crew Neck

Nice shirts

My wife looked twice at me this morning…….it must have been the new pearler shirt I was wearing.

Short Sleeve Crew Neck


Chuck Norris wears pearler t-shirts

Great Tee’s

Love em. Great fit. Great feel. Retiring all my others and restocking the wardrobe with them.

Surprisingly awesome!

I find it hard to get a good cut on a t-shirt under $50 and bingo, found it for less than $30! Seriously good, I'm dumping my whole wardrobe of ill-fitting t-shirts for these Pearler units as soon as I can.

Outstanding Australian product

I am very particular about my t-shirts and demand the highest quality in material and design. These T-shirts are incredible and exactly what I was looking for; namely smart casual expensive looking Tees that don't look like they were purchased at Target or Kmart. The shipping was also efficient and my queries were promptly and professionally responded to. Thanks very much guys.

Tee shirts

Finally a good quality garment that is the size it states on the website.
Good quality tee shirt, good service and delivery.